Safe Waters


631 935 2969

Huntington, NY, USA

US Coast Guard Approved

Fast Rescue boat

Safe Waters Offers the FRB course to individuals, companies and Search and Rescue Units across the country. Our FRB instructors are all experts in Maritime search and rescue and boat handling and all approved by the US Coast Guard. The Course can be offered at our location or yours. Please contact us for more details Anyone who operates any rescue boat should hold a USCG Fast Rescue Boat Operator certificate. Students who take this 24 hour course and pass on the water competencies and written test will receive a USCG and STCW certificate.

The course covers the following topics:

• Rescue Equipment

• Communications

• Boat Handling

• Handling a Fast Rescue Boat in Prevailing and Adverse conditions

• Righting a Capsized Fast Rescue Boat

• Recovery of a Person in the water

• Search Patterns

• Towing

• Helicopter Operations

• Maintenance and Repair