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Family day on the water

Spend the day together with your family learning how to safely operate a power boat while having a great time!!! We can bring a brand new 18ft center console boat and a captain anywhere you want or use your boat.  Below are some options, but Safe Waters would customize anything you wanted. 

  • 4 hours on the water: Spend 4 hours underway learning basic skills like, docking, anchoring, navigation, safety, and emergency procedures. You can split this day up by going to an on the water restaurant for lunch
  • 8 hours on the water with US Power Boating certification: 8 hours underway learning skills including docking, anchoring, boat handling , currents and tides, navigation, buoys. You can even pick a waterfront restaurant to pull into for a nice lunch. You can even have the option to mix in a couple of water activities like waterskiing or fishing. If students choose they have the option to follow specific US Power Boating curriculum and then take a 50 question test at the end. If you complete all the requirements at the end of the day everyone will receive a US Powerboating, Safe Powerboat Handling Certificate
  • 16 hours compete boating safety course: This combines classroom and underway sections and students can receive the NY Safe Boating certificate and the US Powerboating, Safe Powerboat Handling certificate.

Safe Waters